5 Benefits of Maritime Protection Inert Gas System

Maritime Protection offers a wide range of inert gas systems to the marine and offshore industries as well as designs smart and reliable inert gas systems in accordance to SOLAR convention.

Out of the various product benefits, we have summarized the major advantages as below:

Benefit 1 : Automatic Turn Down to Reduce Fuel Consumption

Seamless Capacity control (25-100%) generators are equipped with automatic turn down. The generators only burn the required amount of fuel to produce the actual volume of inert gas consumed in the tanks.
The end result of this design is a reduction in fuel consumption, resulting in fuel saving.

Benefit 2: Full PLC Control 

PLC control logic with specially designed burner ignition sequence ensures a flawless ignition of the unit all the time.
This fully automated start-up provides high degree of operating stability.
The PLC monitoring and control of combustion parameters enable inert gas of high quality with low soot content (Bacharach scale: 0) and absence of flame failure.

Benefit 3 : No Oil Spill Through Scrubber Drain

The design of horizontal and recessed combustion chamber helps to prevent fuel oil spill through SW drain line in case of a misfire or dripping from fuel nozzle during non-operational period. Fuel deposits are captured inside a combustion chamber and will not be released into the Salt Water drain.

Benefit 4 : Modern Operator Screen with State of The Art Operator Feedback

The operator screen is incorporated mimic on a LCD screen. All system parameters, temperatures, pressures and valve positions are featured on the screen in full details.
Alarms are indicated by test and physical location on screen.

Benefit 5 : Smart and solid design 

The system is designed to ensure reliable operation performance & easy maintenance. The design is also easy to install as the data communication is built between panels. Customer can opt for loose delivery to turn-key deck house modules.

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