5 Things You Can Do to Make Your O2 Analysers Happy

Enough is Enough

Dear ship crew, we feel you. After many repairs of O2 Analysers, enough is enough. In this article, we present the preventative maintenance you can do with your O2 Analysers so that you can maximise their lifespan like a pro.

What are O2 Analysers

O2 Analysers are used on boilers, inert gas systems, nitrogen generators, and in some confined rooms on the vessel such as the nitrogen room. The O2 Analyser is a crucial equipment as the inability to measure the O2 levels will adversely affect the operation of the entire system. 

There are the different types of O2 Analysers in the marine market. These include zirconia, galvanic, paramagnetic.

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Figure 1. A Zirconia Oxygen Analyser (Image Credit: Yokogawa)

Prevent Unnecessary Breakdown of O2 Analysers

Here are 5 things you can do to ensure the O2 Analyser on board your vessel works fine for as long as it can. Follow these preventive maintenance steps to maximise the lifespan of your O2 Analyser.

1. Check and maintain the correct flow rate of sampling gas

If there is a bubbling unit installed, ensure the flow is normal, and filters are in place to avoid water carrying over to the sensor.

2. Ensure you have clean span gas to use for calibration
Renew the sampling line filter element if it is dirty.

3. Keep these critical spare parts on hand: 

  • Sensor / measuring cell
  • Sensor’s cable
  • Filter element for sample line

4. Have a unit on standby

Install two units of O2 Analyzers on board your vessel. One unit will act as the main unit, while the other unit serves as the backup in case the main one fails. Both units should be installed in parallel. 

5. Calibrate your O2 Analyzer regularly*

Last but not the least. In fact, this is the most important maintenance task to be done routinely. Please calibrate the Analyser regularly as per its instruction manual. It is recommended that the calibration is verified every week or month – this frequency depends on the model / type of the Analyser. Again, please refer to your Analyser’s instruction manual. Remember: When the application is critical, the frequency of verification should be increased.

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Figure 2. Calibrating oxygen analysers are crucial in maintaining equipment quality in the long term(Image Credit: Rubber Duckie Designs)

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