Is Your Maritime Company Digitizable?

Whether you are a shipowner, equipment maker, marine engineer or trader, you are bound to notice that most, if not all, companies are now undergoing a digital transformation. Business models have evolved over the years, and the key question on the minds of business leaders now is: “How digital is my company?”

First, what does it mean to be a digital company?

A digital company is data-driven and strongly relies on every aspect of the data for decision making. In order to make reliable decisions, diverse and well-based data must be collected. 

Digital companies experiment relentlessly. Digitalization happens when companies use digital technologies to transform a business model, and provide new revenue as well as value-producing opportunities.

With that being said, digital companies do not collect all possible data; they collect all possibly useful data. Automation makes the best possible use of the gathered data: this is called strategic data collection. Such data must be clear, centralised, well-organised, and most importantly, accessible. 

Why is digitalization in the maritime industry crucial?

Today, we are talking about ships that have become data generators. We are left with piles of data to process and analyse in order to make better decisions more quickly. The gathered data can be anything from navigation, position, a vessel’s equipment data to weather data and forecast. 

More and more marine companies are embracing the advantages that digitalization can bring while some of them are even exploring the concept of unmanned vessels driven by artificial intelligence. The maritime industry as a whole is increasingly understanding the advantages of digital solutions and putting them into practice.

The Verdict.

Finally, to answer the titular question of this article: Yes. Your maritime company is digitizable. If your company is to keep with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, then digital transformation is a must – regardless of the size of your company. Digitizing a company is a process that requires thought and investment. The time to start is now. 

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