New IMO Safety Regulations for Inert Gas System

Jun 09, 2014

The 92nd session of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) was held from 12 to 21 June 2013, at the IMO headquarters in London. During the session, rules regarding the installation of Inert Gas Systems to smaller chemical and gas tankers were announced.

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20,000DWT to 8,000DWT

Shipmakers and owners of tankers may want to take note of the major amendment that will affect ship operations: Previously, it was only a requirement for tankers of 20,000 DWT and above to be equipped with an Inert Gas System. The new rules, however, require new chemical and gas carriers ≥ 8,000 DWT to be fitted with a fixed Inert Gas system that complies with the revision of the FSS Code if they are certified to carry products under the IBC and IGC Codes.


Existing chemical and oil carriers may not be impacted by this new requirement, provided that their existing IG system has already been approved. Additionally, chemical carriers will not be impacted if capacity of tank is 3,000 m3 and below. Hence, owners of such tankers can rest assured that their existing safety measures would suffice if above requirements are met.

On the other hand, for owners of new tankers that are expected to be constructed on or after 1 Jan 2016, the new rules will apply.

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