3 Types of Repair to Incinerator Refractory

The type of refractory repair needed for marine incinerators depends on the extent of damage to the refractory lining. The original equipment maker, Atlas Incinerators A/S, distinguishes three types of repair: 

  • Repair type 1: For a damaged area of less than 4 cm³ and cracks between 3 – 5 mm.
  • Repair type 2: For a damaged area of 4 – 100 cm³ and cracks between 5 – 20 mm.
  • Repair type 3: For a damaged area above 100 cm³ and cracks above 20 mm. 

The first two types of repair may be easily done by the ship crew themselves without the assistance of an external vendor given that the extent of damage is minimal and might not even be noticeable. The repair works for these two types include cleaning the damaged area, and repatching the area with materials such as air setting mortar or other ramming materials. 

The third type of repair calls for specialist assistance as the extent of damage is huge, perhaps to the extent that the refractory wall has collapsed, and requires a full-sized refractory wall to be rebuilt. The following pictures depict an instance of repair type three being carried out. 

Figure 1: Rebuilding the partition wall with new fire bricks.
Figure 2: Rebuilding a full-sized refractory wall.
Figure 3: Rebuilding a new refractory for the sluice door of the incinerator.

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