What Is Inert Gas System

What is Inert Gas?

Inert Gas is a noble gas that does not undergo chemical reaction with any substances. This non-active characteristic of inert gas makes it the perfect medium to prevent cargo explosion on vessels.

What is Inert Gas Generator System?

Vessels carrying cargos that produce hydrocarbon vapors require an inerting solution to eliminate the risk of explosions and fires in cargo tanks ( crude oil tankers, chemical tankers, product tankers, gas carrier and etc) . Inert Gas System is used to keep the oxygen content below 8% , a standard set by the International Maritime Organisation ( IMO ). The system offers a combustion solution that creates inert gas out of burning process that contains less than 8% oxygen and non-explosive atmosphere in the cargo tanks.

Fire needs oxygen, heat and fuel to burn. Removing one of the elements in this fire triangle will prevent fire. To achieve this, the easiest way is to remove the oxygen variable by introducing inert gas to any area containing hydrocarbon to minimise the risk of explosion.

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GIA – The Official Agent of Maritime Protection AS and Kangrim Inert Gas System

Maritime Protecion AS is part of the Wilhelmsen Technical Solutions, an engineering and manufacturing maker specializing in inert gas system for marine and offshore industries. The system is built in accordance with 1974 SOLAS Convention with latest amendments and fulfils all requirements of Class, IMO’s guidelines and the demanding conditions of shipboard operation.

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Kangrim Heavy Industries is the manufacturer of inert gas system with certification of ISO 9001 and 14001.

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