Kangrim Inert Gas Systems, Generators and Boilers

Kangrim has been a key supplier of Inert Gas Systems, Inert Gas Generators and Boilers for many Korean and Chinese-built vessels since the early 2000s, with their simple design and attractive price point for their systems. 

With years of quality service and experience on Kangrim inert gas generators and Kangrim boilers under our belt, GIANTECH was appointed as their official service center for Singapore in 2011. 

Over the next decade until 2019, we became the leading authorised service provider for Kangrim Heavy Equipment range of marine equipment, implementing for the Korean maker and other service partners, service procedure and standards. We also pioneered and popularised the Kangrim System HealthCheck for both the boilers and IG systems

Today, we continue to provide the same service to major tanker fleets as an independent service center, serving more than 100 Kangrim systems running on regional waters in 2019.


GIANTECH supplies genuine and/or quality spare parts for Kangrim inert gas systems and boilers. Buying a spare part from us is different from other trading houses, because we repair, we know and we care about the Kangrim Boilers and Inert Gas systems.  

Here at Giantech, we have the largest supply of ex-stocks spare parts ready to be delivered at great prices. Visit our e-shop for the widest variety of Spare Parts. 

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We also supply and provide installation of combustion chambers and the inner and outer jackets of IGG systems. All parts are made locally, to ensure that quality standards are maintained. The lead time is 3 to 4 weeks after your order has been confirmed. Please click here to see our Installation example.


Health Check

Believing that prevention is better than cure, GIANTECH offers a tailor-made Health Check Attendance (HCA) Service for more than 300 vessels in recent years. With this initiative, you can avoid unexpected equipment failure during discharge of voyage. Many satisfied ship managers have enjoyed great cost effectiveness and efficiency from GIANTECH’s solutions.

Training And Knowledge

Our working over the decade as Kangrim Heavy Industries Service center, with our even longer knowledge on inert gas systems and generators, has given GIANTECH a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the Kangrim systems especially on inert gas systems and generators.

We can help your crew understand more about Kangrim systems and provide remote solutions that will enable your crew to solve Level 1 challenges on their own. Sign up Gotrix to find out more!

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GIANTECH and Kangrim have a mutual agreement to terminate the agency in 2019. This provide us more flexibility to provide a better service to our customers.

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