A Successful Burner Overhaul!

In January this year, our engineers successfully performed a complete burner overhaul on a Kangrim boiler on board on a LPG Vessel in Singapore shipyard. 

As part of the vessel’s drydock servicing at the Shipyard in Singapore, our boiler engineering team conducted a series of meticulous simulation tests and checks on the burner before taking the burner apart, cleaning its parts and replacing those that were beyond repair with genuine parts sourced from the original equipment maker. 

GIANTECH’s expert capabilities in Oilon burners and Kangrim boilers allowed a smooth and successful attendance on the vessel,  where our engineers carried out a series of thorough burner overhaul tasks including: 

  • Removing, cleaning and reinstalling all burner pipe lines 
  • Checking and replacing F.O. booster pump
  • Replacing F.O. regulating valves and servomotor as there was a heavy leak during burner operation
  • Painting of the entire burner, including its parts 
  • Warming up of the boiler after overhaul
  • Checking furnace pressure at minimum & maximum loads and pipe lines for leakage 
  • Checking and adjusting the boiler combustion with Ignition, Partial and Full loads
  • Testing the boiler in both fully-automated and manual modes
  • Testing all alarms and trips in the boiler
  • Carrying out surveyor system & popping test

    Engineer was working on the burner

    After carefully but efficiently performing these tasks, our engineers handed the system over to the vessel at fully operational capacity. Another case of burner overhaul successfully completed!   

    Before servicing

    After Servicing

    At GIANTECH, we take pride projects both big and small. We rely on our engineers’ technical expertise honed from direct maker trainings and years of industry experience to provide our customers with results that surpass even the highest of expectations. 

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