GIANTECH offers free web and mobile app to help shipowners overcome Covid-19 disruption

  • Gotrix, a new web and mobile app, is an intelligent performance support system for ship crew and superintendents to maintain and service their ship’s equipment when travel restrictions are in place

  • GIANTECH is offering the use of the app for all its customers to help ship managers tide through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Singapore, 18 October 2020 — GIANTECH, in support of 2359 Media, has developed Gotrix, an intelligent performance support system for ship crew and superintendents. Gotrix, a new online web and mobile app, offers a seamless digital solution for ship managers to assist their crew when equipment breaks down on board vessels. This is Giantech’s effort to support and tide the shipping industry through the Covid-19 outbreak. Giantech is offering a free subscription for all its customers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused hundreds of thousands of ship crew to remain stranded at sea or at home by travel restrictions. Technical managers are now left to struggle on their own when their on-board equipment encounters technical problems. This problem is amplified by the fact that almost all ship management offices are on stay-home arrangements of varying degrees. Fleet managers and superintendents who are working from home have limited access to the collaborative knowledge of their peers. Travel restrictions also make it impossible for superintendents to travel to ships to provide much needed supervision and guidance to crew members.

As the world enters a recession, ship owners will seek to keep critical equipment running at lower costs. Thus, there will be a demand for ship crew to be more knowledgeable and capable than ever, so that they can solve problems on board without depending on external vendors.

As ship managers prepare for the possibility of a protracted pandemic and put long term support structures in place to support the ship crew in tackling on-board issues, technical managers will need to start finding a more effective and efficient way of managing knowledge and the workflow for servicing their marine equipment on board vessels.

Utilising machine learning and natural language processing technologies, Gotrix, a web and mobile app, helps ship management companies optimise the performance and efficiency of their crew in operating vessel equipment.

Mr Dilong Goh, MD of GIANTECH, says: “Improving the efficiency and efficacy with which engineers do their jobs is our ultimate goal. We value technological approaches that are implementable, adoptable and impactful. The disruption caused by Covid-19 heightens the need for innovation and digital solutions. Gotrix enables us to continue serving our customers wherever they are.”

Mr Wong Hong Ting, CEO of 2359 Media, says, “We think of marine engineering not as an isolated practice, but as one that intersects with many different disciplines to service some of the most important maritime vessels that drive the global economy. As the Covid-19 situation continues to worsen in many countries, we are grateful to be in a position to offer innovative digital solutions to disrupt the disruption. It’s a great opportunity to get many to start using the platform and experience the power of Gotrix.”

Gotrix is now available for free. Ship managers may visit for more information or contact to sign up for Gotrix.

About Gotrix

Gotrix is developed by GIANTECH Engineering Pte Ltd together with 2359 Media Pte Ltd. It was founded in 2017 to provide technological solutions that lend integrity, legitimacy and continuity to owners and users of assets, specifically heavy machinery and/or equipment. 

Gotrix was part of the Smart Port Challenge 2019 by PIER71, and had undergone an intensive customer discovery and market validation incubator programme. PIER71, which stands for Port Innovation Ecosystem Reimagined @ BLOCK71, is a collaboration between the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) and NUS Enterprise, the entrepreneurial arm of the National University of Singapore (NUS).

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About GIANTECH Engineering Pte Ltd

GIANTECH Engineering Pte Ltd, with relations to Goh IGS & Automation (GIA) Pte Ltd, is Asia’s leading marine company in life-cycle management for marine equipment. 

With almost two decades of expertise in providing clients with specialised solutions for a range of vessel needs, GIANTECH is an established marine engineering company with an experienced international service team specialising in inert gas systems, inert gas generators, nitrogen systems, boilers and burners, pressure-vacuum valves, incinerators and compressors on-board vessels. 

GIANTECH is the authorised sales and service centre for various established equipment makers, offering a one-stop solution for shipowners and fleet managers looking for reliable after-sales service provision by maker-trained engineers and for equipment spares made by renowned makers all over the world. 

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