Air Products and TMC Health Check Attendance Service

Air Products and TMC Health Check includes:

  • Inspection of

1. Filter element
2. Electric heater

  • Checks (N2 system)

1. Visual inspection of complete system (piping, valves, membranes, electrical)
2. Panel indication lights
3. Operation of electric heater
4. Sample flow to analyzers
5. Nitrogen purity
6. Pressure drop across the filter package
7. Drain system from filter package
8. Oxygen content high alarm
9. System leakage
10. All alarm functions (adjust settings if necessary)
11. Operation check, recommended running condition
12. Training of crew, operation and maintenance
13. Available spare parts onboard

  • Checks (TMC Compressors)

1. Compressor running hours
2. Compressor running temperature and cooling water in/out temperature
3. Internal piping leakage (no dismantling required)
4. Air filter element
5. Available spare parts onboard
6. Maintenance schedule onboard
7. Recommendation of spare parts to be onboard at all times according to TMC guidelines

  • Health Check Report and recommended solutions

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