Champion Tanker at Shekou

28th Sep 2008 Sun 0500hrs – 1500hrs

Attend to Vessel at Singapore anchorage.

Inspection of Inert gas’s cooling tower

  1. Found that Inert gas’s cooling tower is impossible to remove vertically from the top, because the Nitrogen generator room was located right above to it.
  2. Some measurements made, we recommend removing the wall at the exit door so that the inert gas’s cooling tower can be removed horizontally from the side.
  3. Understand that the vessel will be going for dry docking next year. So we suggest that this work to be carry out during dry dock, as it is a big project and also time consuming.

Recommended Service

Service the vessel on next dry dock.

  1. Overhaul all the 9 pcs. of actuators.
  2. Overhaul the Positioner for the Capacity’s valve and ATM‘s valve.
  3. Calibration for the O2 Analyzer.
  4. Calibration the control circuit and commissioning for the system.
  5. Change the Ignition transformer.
  6. If the Ignition Burner is bad, renew it to the remove able type.

4th Sept 2009 Fri 0700hrs to 1800hrs

Left Singapore for Hong Kong to Shekou.

5th Sept 2009 Sat 0700hrs to 1800hrs

Supervision yard fitter to dismantle cooling tower.

6th Sept 2009 Sun 0700hrs to 1800hrs

Waiting for yard fitter to dismantle cooling tower.

Vessel dry docking, left vessel to Hotel

7th Sept 2009 Mon 0700hrs to 1800hrs

Cooling tower was brought out from the Inert Gas room, and cooling jacket was separated, demister and wet filter was in very bad condition.

Instruct the yard’s Engineer how to install the new cooling jacket.

8th Sept 2009 Tue 0700hrs to 1800hrs

Left Shekou to Hong Kong for Singapore

14th Sep 2009 Monday 0600hrs – 1800hrs

Left for Airport in morning for flight to Hong Kong.

Reached Hong Kong Airport, due to our luggage delay we took 1630hrs transfer ferry to Shekou and met up with agent to make visa for the customs immigration.

We were told that Shekou was having typhoon, once we reach the hotel.

15th Sep 2009 Tuesday 0600hrs – 1600hrs

Due to typhoon, we were unable to go to the shipyard to attend the vessel.

16th Sep 2009 Wednesday 0600hrs – 1900hrs

Prepare and board the bus at hotel to shipyard for vessel.

Go to the shipyard pass counter to make working pass.

Overhaul all the IG valve actuator O-rings and solenoid O-rings

Install new temperature switch for (TS191)

17th Sep 2009 Thursday 0600hrs – 1900hrs

Attend to vessel in the morning as usual.

Connect up all piping for the actuator except for ATM’s valve, will only back by afternoon.

Install the new 12V transformers to the system.

Dismantle the Fuel Oil Control regulator for overhaul and replace new diaphragm and oil seal.

The wet filter and demister was installed back by the shipyard staff.

Found that the blower‘s impeller was unable to move after it installed by the shipyard’s staff and told them to dismantle out to repair again.

18th Sep 2009 Friday 0600hrs – 2100hrs

Board vessel in the morning and found that the blower’s impeller was installed back by the ship’s staff.

Found that the ATM valve’s positioner was faulty and renew with new positioner and back to working condition.

Found leakage from the instrument pipe line and tighten up the leakage connection.

Make calibration to the ATM’s valve and Capacity’s valve.

Tested alarm for cooling tower Lever switch, Temperature Switch and both blower temperature switch and found that working.

As the sea water pump was not ready, we were told to run the system tomorrow morning once the sea water is ready.

19th Sep 2009 Saturday 0600hrs – 1900hrs

Board vessel in the morning, run the Sea water for Cooling tower and found the pipe was leaking and repair back by shipyard staff.

Run the system and found that the ignition cannot fire, so change new ignition nozzle and found able to fire.

While running the system, the oil pressure drop cause low pressure alarm (PAL185) so we increase the pressure back.

Found that the sea water drain valve contact switch was cut off which caused the system to stop, due to the drain valve having vibration and the contact switch was unable to have good contact.

The sea water to DWS was insufficient; however it was still able to maintain the water level of the DWS, there is a spare pressure switch (0.7bar) at the cabinet beside the I.G cooling tower it can be replace for the faulty pressure switch for the DWS by the Ship’s Engineer and remove the by link wire at main panel Terminal L1 (43, 44).

Testing the safety switch with the DNV surveyor, we tested alarm for cooling tower Lever switch (LAH183), Temperature Switch for cooling tower (TAH191, TAH192) and both blower temperature switch (TAH188, TAH190) and DWS level switch (LAL194) found in working condition.

Two push button was faulty and will be supply to the vessel from Singapore.

We run the system again, found that the O2% content control is stable, but the system stop again, because temperature was high in the cooling tower cause alarm (TAH191) due to insufficient sea water supply to the cooling tower.

We left vessel to hotel.

20th Sep 2009 Sunday 0900hrs – 2000hrs

Left Shekou to Hong Kong for Singapore.

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