GIANTECH partners with GEOPAL to be the exclusive distributor of its spare parts in Singapore

The new year brings with it many new exciting partnerships for GIANTECH.

This January, GIANTECH Engineering Pte Ltd and GEOPAL System A/S began a partnership for GIANTECH to be the exclusive distributor of GEOPAL spares in Singapore.

Founded in Denmark in 1985, GEOPAL System A/S specialises in gas detectors – designing, developing, and manufacturing professional alarm systems for all gasses, vapours, and toxic fumes.

As the exclusive distributor in Singapore, GIANTECH offers consignment stock for immediate dispatch allowing you to experience increased accessibility to GEOPAL spare parts for your urgent needs.


GEOPAL is ISO9001:2008 certified, proving its commitment to safety and quality.

GEOPAL systems can be found in the following areas:

  • Marine and Offshore Vessels and Installations
  • Industrial and Power Plants
  • Underground Parking and Tunnels
  • Medical/Pharmaceuticals/Biotech Facilities and Labs
  • BioGas, Wastewater Treatment Plants, and Chemical Facilities

In the marine and offshore industry, common gases that need to be detected include CO2 or Freon (R404, R407, R134 etc.).

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