GIANTECH Wins April 2016 InnovPLUS Challenge

In April this year, GOH IGS & AUTOMATION PTE LTD with relations to GIANTECH Engineering, won the InnovoPLUS Challenge Flame award. 

InnovPLUS is a biyearly competition that supports the creation of prototypes which help with learning and development. It challenges groups, including companies, to create solutions either for their own problems or for challenges faced during the learning process. Winners get a grant of up to $200,000 to develop and test their prototypes. The competition is open to both companies and individuals in Singapore.

Participants go through two rounds of evaluation, the second of which is a presentation day where groups share their ideas with the InnovPLUS Panel who then decide on the competition winners.

Giantech Engineering entered to make it easier for their engineers to learn about the company’s more specialized equipment, some of which is rarely taught in marine academies. Though the company created videos to help the engineers with their onboarding process, each engineer still took around 8 months to gain proficiency. This is why, through InnovPLUS, Giantech Engineering came up with a plan to develop a single platform to hold their engineering learning resources and relevant materials.

Based on their plan, Giantech Engineering was named one of the three Flame winners and given their prototype grant. This will allow the company to, as officially written in InnovPLUS’ Giantech Engineering Challenge Statement, “codify, capture and store both explicit knowledge and tacit skills with regards to the engineering of these (specialized) equipment” as well as to organize “explicit knowledge like operation manuals, service logs, certificates” so that “the engineers and ship crew… [can] access them at the right place and at the right time.”

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