Health Check Attendance Service

Requested by many fleet managers and ship owners, GIA launched the Health Check Attendance Service to provide regular and convenient inspection of equipment onboard vessels. This service helps in the early detection of equipment malfunction, enabling immediate rectification.

From our experience, combustion chamber leakage, O2 analyser out of calibration, safety level switch malfunction, gap between capacity valves are common equipment problems on tankers that may cause major damage and loss.

GIA now offers cost-efficient solutions with our engineers’ expert knowledge and specialized equipment via the Health Check Package. This Health Check Package covers the checks of Inert Gas Systems, N2 Systems and PV valves. With years of experience and intensive training by makers, our engineers have mastered the skills and knowledge to attend to the job.


  • Early detection of equipment malfunction
  • Prevents unnecessary vessel downtime
  • Requires only 1 day to complete
  • Report to be provided to enable better equipment maintenance

Due to popular demand, GIA also sends our skilled team of engineers overseas to conduct this service.
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Health Check Attendance Service offered:

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