Inert Gas Generator Consultancy

Choosing the IGG unit that will suit your tanker’s inert gas needs?

Finding the right N2 Generator or Inert Gas System among wide array of possible choices across different makers can be a daunting task.

GIA promises to ease the decision making process and provide you with professional and unbiased opinion on an equipment’s suitability, based on your vessel’s needs and budget.



Why consult GIA?

1) We have experience.

With our wealth of experience in marine and also offshore projects, we are confident that we can help to narrow down your search for the right IG System that best fits your requirements.

GIA’s technical knowledge includes N2 Systems both on membranes and PSA (Pressure Swing Absorption) nitrogen manufacturers. Our extensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of different makers, coupled with our experience with many conversations and retro-fitting units, further reiterates our comprehensive understanding of vessel needs.

2) We have the connections.

Our strong tie-up with the best manufacturers around the world means that you will always be offered the most reliable systems and the best prices for your systems when you make your purchases through us.

3) We are professional.

Our skilled crew of engineers who have undergone intensive trainings with makers will bring you through the step-by-step of installation and ensure that you commission your unit within the expected time frame.

The above know-hows have enabled us to assist many clients like MODEC, SBM, Tanker Pacific Offshore etc., and we believe we will be a great assistance to many more clients in the future. We look forward to your kind support and feel free to contact us for any enquiries.

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