Kashiwa Training Prepares GIANTECH Engineers for New Service Capability

Our GIANTECH engineers, Mr Tim Xu and Mr Sandeep represented the company to participate in a maker’s training session from 3 rd August 2017 to 4 th August 2017. Held in Tsukuba Works in Japan, the training aimed to equip authorized engineers with the knowledge and skills to service equipments supplied by Kashiwa Co., Ltd.

The engineers were introduced to Kashiwa’s Inert Gas System, Inert Gas Generator System and N2 Generator System through a series of rigorous lectures conducted by the maker’s experienced technical personnel. They were also trained to inspect and troubleshoot these important systems. The highlight of the training was the troubleshooting segment, where participants had the opportunity to exchange insights and experiences.

Completing the training course authorizes GIANTECH service engineers to address Kashiwa-related problems. With the foundations laid, our engineers are looking forward to sharing their takeaways with the rest of the team. This will allow them to expand their knowledge base, empowering them to address vessels with several related problems. We will also continue upgrading our strong capabilities, pushing forward with the important aim of aligning our service scope with your needs.

Our service engineers are all geared up and ready to serve you. We look forward to working with you soon!

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