KIRANA Tanker at Jakarta

Abstract of Service Report

17th July 2009 (Friday) 1000hrs (SIN) – 2100hrs(Jakarta) – 1 Service Engineer

Preparing tools and standby for the update from Superintendent Mr. Francis

Travel from Singapore to Jakarta and meet up with agent at hotel at 2100hrs.

Meet up with Superintendent Capt. Yusra, at the hotel and discuss problem of the IGG.

18th July 2009 (Saturday) 0700hrs to 2000hrs (Jakarta) – 1 Service Engineer

Met the agent with Superintendent Capt. Yusra in the morning and set off to REDECO, PETROLIN UTAMA (Jakarta), where the vessel is docking for discharging.

Attended to the vessel and met with Chief Engineer, discuss with him the problem.

Replace the Output card, and run the system and found the system running satisfactorily.

Adjust the cooling Jacket pressure to acceptable pressure.

Checked the Inter-lock for acceptable O2% content to open to deck for OK.

Safety alarm switch checked found OK.

According to Chief Engineer, the demister for DWS and Scrubber are in working condition.

Explain to Chief Engineer the faulty check for the Output control card for errors.

Go through with Chief Engineer what to check before starting the system and during operation.

Left vessel with the agent to hotel, and will leave hotel tomorrow to airport for Singapore.

Other Company Updates