Sunflame Burner and Incinerator Training

Reputable boiler burner manufacturer, Sunflame Co., Ltd, is now extending after-sales service worldwide. It is GIA’s honor to be one of the after-sales service centers for Sunflame boiler burners and incinerators. This allows for the immediate provision of after-sales service support to customers in the region.

GIA engineers – Isac and Sze Jia – attended 5 days of training offered by the Sunflame Headquarters at Kyoto in September 2015. The intensive training program was conducted by Sunflame Sales, After-Service and Design departments in order to provide our engineers with a comprehensive understanding of the equipment.

Scope of the training included the following:

  1. Introduction to Sunflame and products
  2. Operation of the incinerator: usage and troubleshooting
  3. Operation of the rotary cup burner: usage, troubleshooting and overhauling
  4. Overhauling training included for all Sunflame models except R40
  5. Marine Gas Oil (MGO) modifications for various burners
  6. Assembly and disassembly of burners
  7. Common problems of burners as well as the solutions
  8. Installation of incinerator ceramic board

The training enhanced our engineers’ capabilities tremendously, and rendered them qualified to provide service solutions to Sunflame customers.

To date, they have serviced many vessels equipped with Sunflame products. Thankful for the strong support we have received from Sunflame, we will strive harder and continue to work closely with them to bring more value-added services to our customers.


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