Sunflame Co., Ltd. Assigned GIANTECH as its Service Agent

With Sunflame’s authorization, GIANTECH is now the official after-sales service provider for Sunflame’s auxiliary boiler burners and incinerators, as well as installer of Sunflame’s incinerator ceramic boards. The increased expertise of our engineers from their training at Sunflame Kyoto, has also received great feedbacks from our customers.

With GIANTECH, you are:

  1. Provided with an accessible local support center in Singapore for Sunflame services and spare parts.
  2. Promised, to the best of our ability, prompt and efficient after-sales support for Sunflame equipment.
  3. Assured with skilled engineers providing the service solutions to the vessels equipped with Sunflame

At GIANTECH, we provide:

  1. Health Check Attendance Service
  2. Maintenance & Repair Service
  3. Upgrade Service
  4. Dry Dock Service
  5. Spare Parts Supply

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